What you Need to Know About Diamond Shapes.

Square cut or round, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  And your best friend is about to become your spouse.

If your girlfriend hasn’t been dreaming of the perfect ring since she was five years old. And if she hasn’t helpfully given you access to her Pinterest Board titled – Diamond rings I will Say Yes to.

What shape diamond is the best?  What the heck is a diamond shape?

The shape is cut -  diamonds have different cuts and shapes that show off their color, emphasize their clarity and, surprisingly, can make a woman’s fingers look slimmer.

Round – Like the girl said, this is a classic diamond cut. Diamonds have been cut in round shapes for hundreds of years.  Millions of women can’t be wrong.

Marquise – This is a longer shaped cut, the effect of which elongates the hand.  Didn’t know a diamond could make you look thinner, did you?

Emerald –This is a great cut to show off the diamond’s’ inner structure.

Asscher -  Like the emerald cut, expect it doesn’t care about the inner life of the diamond, rather this cut is made to flash around.  Celebrities favor this cut.  Make of that what you will.

Radiant -  Super sparkly, like the name implies.

Pear -  Or better, teardrop shape – This cut makes the hand look slimmer and is traditionally considered more delicate, so if you are petite, this a good cut for you.

Princess -  Who doesn’t want something named princess? Princess cut diamonds display color in the corners of the diamond as well as the center.

Oval -  Another favorite for making the hand look more slender.

Trilliant -  A triangle cut diamond.  This is an unusual cut: brilliant and great for shock and awe.

Heart -  Romantic yes?    It’s essentially the pear shape with a notch cut in the top.  Be sure the setting for this stone reallycompliments the shape and holds it securely in place.

Cushion -  No it’s not a more comfortable diamond.   This cut rounds the corners to enhance the stone’s natural shine and clarity.

You can fall in love with a certain cut. Or you can fall in love with a setting that will often dictate the diamond shape.  But if anything else, now you’ll sound a lot smarter at the next bridal shower.

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