Summer Jewelry Fashion - Go Big

According to French Vogue, which you may guess I don’t read religiously, the big jewelry trends for summer are:

  • statement necklaces  
  • arm cuffs
  • art school earrings
  • raw stones  

My favorites because they are so crazy, are the Data Center pass recreated in pearls (channel), art school earrings, and huge necklaces that are a frankensteined to start from your earlobes and connect together to create a kind of necklace.   This looks striking on a runway in France, dangerous when attaching a seatbelt in California. And big mineral necklaces.

When I say big minerals, think slices of stones swiped from your kid's geology collection.  Just pick up that rock crystal, secure it with twine and hang it around your neck. Voila as French Vogue would say, you are now au courant with summer fashion.  Can’t carry that off (literally)? Fortunately, another summer trend is the narrow ribbon choker, which is easier and more practical in that it doesn’t weigh four pounds.

Ear cuffs are trending again.  This summer you have a choice, you can attach enormous cuffs that will remind people of Spock, or scale to a more dainty cuff which again, may be a tad more practical for every day or even for a more formal occasion.

The styles are fun to look at, and I am certain fun for artists to create.   But remember, big fun should come at a small price.  To express your true self,  invest in good pieces and wear them from season to season. Your favorite jewelry can be bold but it never needs to be completely“fashionable.”  

Sorry, French Vogue.