Do Real Men Wear Bling? A Father’s Day Mediation

Do real men wear jewelry?

Business Insider Magazine suggests that real men - read businessmen - wear only three pieces of bling:  watch, cufflinks, and a plain gold wedding band.  Not much bling to sing about.

Business Insider continues with acomment that the only profession that calls for anything more elaborate, is pirate.

Funny they should mention that.

From medals to love beads, men to elaborate helmets and chain mail, men have enhanced their look with jewelry.   It’s human nature to decorate your person.  It’s not about whether men wear jewelry or not, it’s about the trends and styles and what is acknowledged as acceptable for men.  Earrings, necklaces, gold chains if you want to channel the seventies, bracelets, class rings, tie clips, stick pins, watch fobs, (the list continues) all trend up and down, and like most trends you can choose to jump in or ignore it completely

Like tattoos, jewelry is a personal statement, albeit a less painful one.  And like tattoos you can go big. If you have the personality and body type that can carry off a large watch, a gold chain and a flashier wedding band - why not?

Our advice is to make it personal, jewelry should have meaning, even if the only meaning is that you saw it, liked it, bought it.

If you work in a conservative office, you may want to dial down your enthusiasm and stick with the three items Business Insider suggests.  On the other hand, who are your clients?  Are they young and hip?  Are they older veterans (pass on the love beads)? Are you in banking or are you a VC?  Can you dress how you want or are you trapped in one of the last dress-code industries on the planet?  In other words, even jewelry needs to be approached with a modicum of common sense - you wouldn’t sport a series of bracelets if you work with heavy equipment or are sailing around the world.  But if you, say,  worked in entertainment, you are free to pile it on, pierce your ears (sorry no clip on earrings for guys), flash diamonds.

For the more hipper than Business Insider, GQ Magazine recommends men ease into jewelry, a good idea is to start with three bracelets, one metal, one leather and one decorated with a bead or two, all stacked against a watch.

Even thought Johnny Depp wears more,  you may be just beginning to embrace your inner pirate.  For Father’s Day you may want to do just that.

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