How to choose the perfect Jewelry gift

We love our significant other, our children, our parents.  And we want to honor them with a beautiful gift that will last forever.  Okay, the boat is out and as often as your wife complained about the kitchen appliances, that bright red mixer on Valentine’s Day did not win raves, or the thanks you anticipated.

Stick with something sparkly.


Ring -  You know the big one, the diamond engagement ring - classic, effective, committed.  Enough said.

Not ready for the big ring?  Stunning earrings or bracelets would always be welcome.  A good rule to remember:   the price of the jewelry directly corresponds to the level of relationship commitment.    So if you just met, and it’s suddenly Christmas, you may do well with fashion jewelry rather than gifting your new squeeze a bracelet of sapphires.

If you’ve been dating for five years or more, see above, under Ring.


Your wife loved her engagement ring and you already popped for an eternity ring?  Now is the time to branch off to include gold bangle sets,  sapphire bracelets or an interesting tasteful necklace to your gift repertoire.

She will never object to jewelry unless what she really wanted was a week on Maui.  Just no appliances, remember that.

Push Gift  

Just had a baby?  Do you remember who did all the work?   A pretty necklace or bracelet to assure the new mom she is still pretty and desirable is always a nice gesture.  Don’t get her a ring, it may not fit right after the birth and that will just depress the hell out of her.


Want to surprise your own mother?  Earrings, bracelets, a beautiful unique necklace will knock her socks off, even if she doesn’t wear socks.  Some moms love collecting necklace or bracelet charms, either based on the grandchildren’s birth stones or to commemorate trips or significant events.  Some moms hate the very idea.

Check first.  

Ask your dad.  

Be prepared for a blank look.

Then come into Darcy’s and ask me.  I have all the answers to your gift conundrum.