Mother's Day Gift? Right Here.

There are so many Mother’s Day gifts options! for Mom!   

  • Shrink film of your head made into a key chain.
  •  A card with hand cut hearts with your photo in the center of each heart.
  • Popsicle stick mobile with your picture hanging from every stick.
  • Handmade soap in the shape of your first name.
  • Jar filled with tiny pieces of paper promising mom that you will do any of the chores in this jar over the course of the year, all she has to do is find the jar, which you will hide on May 15th.
  • Coupon book filled with “One Free Hug”  which she will redeem at the most awkward moments, like right before you leave the house with your prom date. 
  • Pot holder with your handprint.
  • Your favorite candy and a bunch of chrysanthemums that you forgot she was allergic to.

All wonderful gifts.  

If you’re five.

You are not five.

But you still want to acknowledge mom.

Instead of a hand thrown flowerpot decorated with your initials, consider something more elegant, timeless and grown up: charms, a necklace or a bracelet.    Mom’s are almost never allergic to gold and even fewer are on a diamond diet.  

Jewelry is a gift that lasts forever, like your undying devotion to the woman who raised you.  This Mother’s Day, don’t say I love you with cardboard and glitter, say it with jewelry. 

Darcy’s is here for you.  Come by and make mom feel special.