How to sell diamonds

You’ve seen the ads: sell your diamonds for cash! And I’m guessing that up until today, you’ve ignored those ads. Unless you need the cash, the ads and the idea aren’t very compelling.  But maybe today, the idea of selling is not only compelling, it’s necessary.   

Here you are, with a clutch of jewelry and diamonds your grandmother left you that you aren’t entirely sure are wearable, or even in good taste, even on Halloween.

But how do you sell jewelry and get a good return?

You sell by using a jeweler who is knowledgeable, reputable and honest.      

I can tell you I’m honest, anyone can tell you they are honest.

So to that end,  don’t take our word for it. 

Darcy’s offer a free consultation before taking on your jewelry and diamonds to sell.  Bring in your jewelry, our office offers complete privacy, and we will have an estimate for you in a few days.

But don’t stop there.  Get a couple of estimates.  Drag  your diamonds up and down Fourth Street (you have a little red wagon, right?)   Learn the going rate , educate yourself on what is considered valuable, what is salable, and what is junk (Grandmothers are not entirely honest when describing the value of their priceless jewels), thenchoose the perfect jeweler for your needs.

You want someone who will take care of you and do so with confidence and in confidentiality.

Call us for an appointment, we will take care of you.  Honest.