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About Greg

Greg has been in the jewelry industry since February 13, 1986. His vast array of knowledge of jewelry can only be topped by his positive personality. Greg will welcome you into his shop with a big smile and a warm welcome. He listens to his clients' needs and wants and has no hidden agenda, but fulfilling his clients' needs. He goes to extra mile to make sure the experience is the best possible. You will receive honest answers to any questions. But most of all you will leave his shop extremely happy.

In Greg's 33+ years of jewelry industry experience there has been nothing (so far) he hasn't seen that could not be handled. So, if there is a special request for any item, he has contacts to make it happen!

I built my company off of customer service first and foremost. Making sure I gave them the best value, Sonoma County can offer. I make the experience so enjoyable, relaxed, even the guys buying engagement rings say "This was so easy and not painful at all" all the time. I'm different from the mall jewelry shops because you don't have to pay for all their overhead, advertising, and mall rents! I keep all my expenses under control and pass the saving onto my clients.

Not everyone gets to do what they love as a career! I do! Come experience the Darcy's difference. I'll see you at Darcy's.